Tuesday, December 10, 2013

DIY Christmas ornaments

The Christmas madness continues and it´s time for some DIY/ makeover! We all have tones of cheap plastic ornaments that are just... bhla. But with some book-pages and they´ll look really cute and will fit in perfectly with all of you how has shabby chic/ vintage decor. How ever I know I uselessly say how fun and easy my projects are... This is quite time consuming and requires allot of patients. Well worth it though.
 So thin glue (I have wallpaper paste), ornaments, old brush and book pages in small pieces.
 Start with glue add paper and then glue. The thing is that the old book page is it´s takes some time to lay down flat. So you´ll have to work with it...
 In the end it´s all worth it, for me it took about 30 min to do one. Maybe if one starts of with new-paper , the book pages as something to grab on to. Of course I thought of this while I took the photos, if you´ll try it, please let me know. And if you want to add some extra, mix glue and glimmer/glitter/ crushed eye-shadow and paint away.
Love Julia