Saturday, June 22, 2013

scrapbook page "Fridolf"

Dog no 3 then. It´s Fridolf and because he is a he I thought I would make a more masculine layout without flower. Don´t get me wrong here, I love flower but sometimes it´s just not right. But it can be hard, cause we use flowers as a filler and pop of colors.

This is another paper from the Panduro Design "cirkus" paper pad. It´s white and blue and fits perfect for the photo of Fridolf that I have chosen.

But we start with some grunge board from Tim Holtz. One flourish and one hinge. Today I use nail polish (I´m not- so- secret- obsessed with nail polish)  to get that metal look on the hinge and on the flourish. I start with a base coat with light green on the flourish and grey on the hinge. Then on the flourish I took a "mermaid" colored polish. It´s like green and blue with gold glitter (love this one! from H&M) The hinge got a coat with a silver polish that really looks like liquid silver.
Just think about what some nail polish can do, true magic...

So when the grunge board have dryad I put all the things that I think I want to use on the layout.
Some fabric tape in light blue and a white with blue polka dots. The photo with a photo mat of craft paper. And a dymo title.

The flourish a cut in half to place on each corner. The fabric tape I just cut till small "flags" to make a boarder at the top of the page. I did find some small light baby blue pearl that I put on the flags.

There is no question in what this layout is about, a dog in snow. And I think this is a perfect example of how a paper can enhance that feeling in the photo, of cold and snow. Sense the paper is distressed with white that really picks out the snow feeling.

Want to know more about Fridolf? go to

Love Julia