Monday, June 10, 2013

ms Penny Lane

 Good morning to you all. Today is the first day of summer break for my younger brother. I thought that we should do something fun the two of us so at 9 am we went to the stable. This was how ever not his fist choose of summer activity but he took hes camera with him and he took some really good photos.
Here we have the beautiful Penny Lane that I ride when to owner works. I had Penny for a summer years back and now she is 22 and let me tell you she is as spirited as ever. How ever I ride a bit calmer with her now. Any how my 10 year old brother took this photos with any old 4 mega pixel camera, not to shabby ;).

The Shetlands pony Simsson was not in the mood for any type of work this early in the morning. And how can blame him? It was really nice summer weather (even for Sweden) and laying their next to the lake, I wouldn´t got up either.

Love Julia from a sunny Sweden