Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Haul Scrobby.NL *so much cuteness* Crate Paper, Cool Kid, Cute Girl, Gather & Take Me Away

The long awaited order from Scrobby.nl is in the house!! Now this time I just wanted to order "fun" things (my last order was more must-have supplies) but the order was hold up and the delivery date was pushed up time and time again. From middle of September to beginning of November! That was not sitting well with me so I asked if I could change out the items the was hold up to some other things. No problem and not even a week later it was here!!

I have said before how much I like their service and I'll say it again they are so good to deal with and they help with everything! Now they also do this, sends a photo while packing your order!! That is such a fun idea and I really like!

So I got quite allot from the Gather, Cool Kid and Take Me Away and then the 6x6 pad & puffy sticker from Cute Girl. I can't wait to start to play!! Some of the things are for specific projects and some are for, well they where just too cute not to get...

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