Saturday, September 10, 2016

3 scrapbook pages- 2 events- 1 day- how to make it work

Starting my new "Road Trips" album I found that sometimes I hade several photos I wanted to use and sometime even photos from the same trip  but from different places. How do I make one dubble page and a single page from different places, with very different feels, go together?

So I made a dubble page for Äskhult, with all of the photos and a single for Såkrsgård but used the same paper and embellishments. I wanted it to be clear that they where from the same day but from different times and places. Looking at them now I really like how they turned out.

I picked two pieces of paper and an embellishment that I could use on all three of the pages. They all have allot of white and to mark the how different the places where I used different thickers.

I picked a dark wood paper and a green floral (Maggie Holmes), these went so well with the photos from the old farm but also the new. Much green in the photos and wood here in Sweden, well it's everywhere. The embellishments, white flowers, I picked to go with the summer feel and sens they are white don't add to much wight to the pages but some interest and adds to the summer-outside feel.