Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Happy Mail from Sirap I Paris

I have had such a hard day. I have fibromyalgi and today it has really been acting up so when I got my order from Sirap I Paris it really brightened my day!

I placed this order this weekend when scrolling through Instagram (I should not be looking at Instagram late sunday nights...) and saw that they had some of the new stuff from American Crafts.

Now this is a pretty big deal sens these brands are a challenge to say the least to get in Sweden. They only had a few pieces from each line and I have recently place a big order over at (expected delivery date; 15 november...) so this was more because it was fun and I really wanted them! The perk of shopping from a Swedish store is you get it after a few days. The not so fun is the higher price you'll have to pay for it...

 Crate Paper -Maggie Holmes "Gather" stickers 
These are so cute and even though I also ordered them from I think you can never have too many cute stickers!

(One thing that I truly hate about online-shopping is that you hardly ever get to see the front and back of product like these, is it really so hard to post a photo like this so here you can see the front and back?!!)

 Crate Paper "Cool Kid" puffy sticker

So in my big order from I have quit allot of the "Cool Kid" but not these. They are puffy stickers but they are not so puffy. They are shiny and I would totally have gotten the "Cute Girl" if they would have had them.

 Heidi Swapp Color Shine "Tinsel" 
I have wanted a pretty silver mist and now when I'm starting a mini about my brother (using the "Cool Kid" by Crate Paper that has silver) I thought it would be a good excuse. It is pretty but I thought it would be more... sparkly, I don't know but the gold is so sparkly... well, well.

Amy Tangerine "Oh happy life" roller stamp 
 I have had my eye on this stamp but wasn't sure if the tiny font would stamp well. Well it does, so cute! I like that the handle is wood and that you get the weekdays and some that you can use when ever.

I really like that Sirap I Paris include a little gift in each order, these sticker will go straight to my TN! I do like shopping at them, they have a good price on shipping and it usually only takes a few days. They say that they have "selected inspiration" and that is true, they only have a few piece from each line and I wish that they would have the same piece from different lines. Like paper-pad, stickers and chipboard for example. or that you could pre-order to get the stuff you wanted.

 I also would like some more information, more photo, like front and back and how many sticker there is in one pack, how much the paper weigh or how much is it in the ephemera pack...

When it comes to the price it's high. I ordered for the minimum, 249 SEK (about 30$), witch i think is a bit much for the stuff i got... However these things apply to all scrapbook stores in Sweden and in fact I think Sirap I Paris is among the ones that do the best when it comes to information and bringing in new products. Will i shop at them again? Yes of curse! I will continue to place (small) orders and I like that they bring in the new fun things!

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