Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Don't let it take over- Scrapbook therapy

I like to think that I'm a strong person, one that despite of pain lives her life. Truth is that this is more of a goal then a reality. The last few weeks the pains has come more often and stronger making everyday a challenge. How ever it shall never be said that Julia never tried! So I tell myself when the pain comes; Don't let it take over.

In this case scrapbooking really helps, I use it as a form of journal i think. I have made many pages about myself and the struggles that is with living with constant pain. I like that I can write down and show how I feel, all of these pages will one day become an album hopefully with a happy ending.

 On this page i wanted it to have a strong message, showing my frustration (ROAR) and still something to show me that I don't let it take over, So I used stickers from the Cool Kid and Gather by Crate Paper to get the contrast I wanted,
 I like these colors together, it's calm but the Cool Kid words adds that energy I wanted.

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