Saturday, October 1, 2016

scraproom Vlog#2 -The travelalbum project

Making layouts is fun! Putting them away is not so much fun... This summer I started to scrap our daytrips and I thought it would be so fun to have an album filled with pages about the places we have visited. Well these pages ended up, like so many before them, in a big pile. Intill one day (it was really in the middle of the night driving home...) I remembered a cheap post-bound travelalbum!

This is a cheap album with 12 page protectors but hey it gets the job done intill I can bring myself to get a nice faux-leather WeRMK album. 

In the past when I had post-bound they would be so packed that you couldn't close them. This one looks fine, for now.
 The pages all fitted and laes flat...
 Intill you get a few pages in, then they don't lay flat... So if nothing else this is a big reason to gett a proper album. And better tape.
 *deep sigh*

But all of my pages are in the album, in one place, together! It was so satisfying to put them all in (well actually putting them in was a right pain but after it felt good!)

Do you have a specific album like this one, for day trips and outings?