Thursday, November 28, 2013

DIY Jewelry frame

It´s just two days to my first Christmas fair, behind the table. I´m so excited and a bit nerves. There is so much to do. So today I´m showing you how i´m going to show my earrings.
The frame I found cheaply at a second hand store. Painted white (x2) and then a coat with pearl.
-chicken wire
-wire scissors
-fabric + regular scissors
-staple gun

Start with staple down the chicken wire

Then stable down the fabric. Stretch it out and put down like you do a tire. When it´s put down, fold the leftover over and staple them down.

And it´s finished! And yes i did this in my dads workshop :).

So to sum up.
Super easy and fun. The black fabric will make your jewelry pop

Love Julia