Friday, November 8, 2013

Decoupage box

Get ready for today there will be allot of pictures. Of what, you ask. Well let´s see:

I got this small "hatboxes" and today I´m going to start with the smallest one.
 At my local supermarket shop I found this gift-wrapping paper that looks like an old newspaper with rose and butterfly.
My though is to decoupage and for you how don´t know what that is, this is the basics of it:
Start of with decoupage glue the lid.
 Cover the lid with paper, you can use napkins or other thinner papers.
 Decoupage is gluing papers on papers and that is the next step. I cut out a butterfly from the wrapping paper.
 Glue the butterfly, put it down and then glue over. Now it´s decoupage!
 And here is the finished project with decoupage.
Have a great weekend and I will stop saying decoupage...
Love Julia