Thursday, March 12, 2015

Project Life week 10


Here we go week 10, the week 10 page all of my favorites: Open Book, design G and gold letters.

I finely think I´ve figured out the camera setting, lets pray it works out! So now you get see what I do. And another good thing is that I really like the weeks page. The pocket design is by far my favorit and I love the colors.
 To fit another photo I used a pocket from Sn@p and on the photo I have my favorite gold letters and two red puffy hearts. The pocket is 4*4 and the photo under is 4*6 but I really don´t see that as a problem.  
 when lifting that pocket is a photo of my desk and just a date stamped in the corner. 
 The title card is from "Open Book" with that amazing flower patterned ripped on ether side and those gold letters.
 In the 3*4 pockets I just cut this photo in half and I like how the red on the top och the layout comes again on the title card, making the layout feel calm.

Love Julia