Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wednesday Rain

The weather has gone back to the way it usually is... rainy. So sense it has been raining I thought I would take Britta inside so she could dry off and get nice and warm... No! She is so mad and every-time I get near her she stamps and lets me know; She does not want to be inside! So I guess she will go back to live outside... crazy bunny.
This ties is so well with today´s card witch has the theme: "Friendship"

Papers from MME- Lost & Found "Rosy" & "Sunshine"

 This time I just inked the edges of my white flowers with "vintage photo". And to keep on the gold track I took some magnolia gold pistils, metal leaf and some feathers. Well the feathers I took just because.
 I love this metal corners from Pyhobby the just fits on every project!
 "Life gets more fun with good friends"
 Stamp from Crissy Armstrong- Whimst stamps colored with distress markers

I´ll hope you like this card and if you want to see more posts with ex Crissy Armstrong stamps,Britta or maybe Distress Markers click on the tag below
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Love Julia

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