Friday, May 16, 2014

Have Faith

So today there is no scrapbooking or card-making but a piece that is inspired by Ken Follett "World Without End" I love that movie-series. And if you have watched "The Pillars of the Earth" & "World Without End" you know that faith is a big part of their world. My faith does not look like theirs but the thing is that the characters have such strong belief.

In "World Without End" the nuns play a big part and I got really inspired by them. Today I see nuns as a women with strong belief and a selfless heart. I love how he makes the past feel so close and sharp. But  it was different in the middle ages, that the convent was not only a house of God but a sanctuary and a prison at the same time. One women could see it as freedom and another being captive. The dress that they are wearing represent both sides. One of the main character is "Caris" joins the convent to save her own life, if she leaves she will be hanged. So in her chase it´s freedom in the sens that she is still alive and a prison in the sens that she can´t leave...

In the middle ages I do believe that this was not that unusually that young women ended up in a convent ageist their will, especially during the witch hunt... Then their was women that just wanted to help the fellow man kind and be married to God. Of different reasons they all ended up there together.

 And seeing a women in this dress you can´t tell where she comes from, what she thinks or where she is going.

 So here is my nun and I let you decided where she has been and where she is going.

Love Julia