Monday, May 13, 2013


So allto has happened the pas two weeks. I have been to my prom and graduated. But I think I should start to talk about my prom. I be perfectly honest I wasn´t to exited, but it wasn´t to bad.
I did all of the things my self. My hair I just let air dry and braided the front section and put some bling in.

So the prom, we where in Gothenburg and I hade to most uncomfterbul shos ever! I don´t where hing heal... well ever, but any way. We where at a place called Valland, i think, the food was really good but after that it just was not fun any more... The music was way to loud and I was i allot o pain, as usally. But it was really fun to see all of my friends looking good and well clean... They are farmers, showering is not at the top of thire list of to do:s... he he.
Any way, I hope your prom was or gonna be memorable, in a good way.
Love Julia