Sunday, May 26, 2013

day 5

It´s day 5 and here is todays pic, "from a high angle". And as you can see the pretty dog is of course our very own Kerstin.

Here in Sweden we had mothers day today witch meant we first eat a calm breakfast with my mom, then we went to my dads mom for 11" coffee and then dinner at my moms mom. Allot of moms here. But I was nice to see them with out all of my family. don´t get me wrong here, I love my crazy family but on my dads side they are four brothers and they all have a wife/ girlfriends and there are nine children, me included. So you can see how it´s nice to meet with my grandmother with just me, my brother and my parents. My other grandmother on the other hand is not just to that type of family gathering because she only have two "children" my mom and my aunt.  

So now it´s nine o'clock and I´m beat. Think I´m just going to read a little about horse feed and go to bed.  Tomorrow me and my old roommates are going back to school to practice a bit more before the big test on Tuesday. And don´t forget tomorrows pic is "from a low angle" ;)

Love Julia