Friday, May 17, 2013


Graduation, what we all are waiting for. Three years I have been reading about the horses anatomy, physiology and horsemanship. For three years I have lived with the same two girls and I now see them more as sisters, annoying sisters, but sisters no less.
I don´t know how it works in your country but here in Sweden we have hats and on my it says my name and on the other side of the little round thing it says my orientation, "Hästhållning"= Horsekeeping. The green ribbon and round thingy is for the school witch is a Natural Resource school. And after we have jumped out we have to go home i style, I got to ride with my awesome aunt in her blue VW beetle called little Blue. And he even had pink bows! And as this is not enough the parents print up big signs of baby pictures. This can be really embarrassing for some, but lucky me, all of the embarrassing pictures of me was to dark to print up... he he.
Any how this is in short how it is here. For some it´s bigger then others and for me... I sort of was in a hase that day. The day before I had such a stomachache that I could hardly breath and therefor didn´t get allot of sleep.
On the day I just walked behind my friends and hope for the best.

That is my experience, hope yours was or will be better.

Love Julia