Friday, April 26, 2013

Crazy Week

Okej everyone, this week has been very busy, we graduate in less then 2 weeks so there is allot to do. But believe me when I say that us horse girl have fun. So let jump in to my past week shall we.

When I got to Strömma in Monday one of our mare had foaled and beautiful baby girl, so far she is called Saga (Fairytale in Swedish)

This Tuesday we gave it another shot with the double bridle and Kasanova is still not all confident that it´s necessary but boy does hi move!

Wednesday we had our first aid training. As you probably know I´m in training to be a horse groom (well I suppose I´m done now) and to be that you have to have the first aid knowledge. It was allot of fun and the instructor painted us all up to look as do we´ve been in a accident, pretty cool right.

But I think Thursday was the most fun, because we got to skip class to go Gutenberg to look at Gutenberg horse show. And at euro horse I found this awesome bridle, something for Kasanvova maybe.

 Minna Telde & Santana
But the best of all was to see the best of the best doing what they do best, dance. Because that is what they do, they dance together and even my show jumper friends thought it amazing.

I hope you had a week filled with just as much as mine

Love Julia