Monday, April 15, 2013


So I just had to have something sweet, you know the feeling. But seens Easter is a long goner, so is all of the candy to. So I decaded to bake what you call cupcakes and what we in sweden call Muffins. Real simple and fast and so tasty.
Kersitn had to gard me and the muffins, from what I´m not
 really sure but how can say no to that face?
 Here is my recepi:
start with:
2 eggs
2 deceliter suger.
(whisp this two together to a white fluffy guo.)

2 deceliter white flouer
1 tea spoon baking soda
2 tea spoons vanilla
4 tabel spoons cocoa
½ tea spoon salt.

When the mix is mixed then whisp it togheter with thw eggs and suger. Now poor 150g melted butter or margrin in to the mix. And now your done. But sometimes I poor in a ½ deceliter of unwhiped whipcream just to get that extra humf. Now bake in the middel of you owen at 175 gCelsius for 10- 15 minuts. Fast, easy and super tasy.

In the men time, the cat Tolos (of course named after aristiocats) took my elecrical heated blancet and did not move...
Love Julia