Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kandar debut

So yesterday we had a dressage class and my instructor asked what we wanted to do. As a joke a said " rid with double bridle."(in Sweden this is called kandar) So that joke was on me because soon I sat on Kasanova with a kandar...
 Kasanova on the other hand did not appreciate the extra work and put up a real fight. But wow, the feeling when he move forward with true presser, such power. It was really cool and I hope that I get to ride with kandar ageing.

This was my first time and by the looks of it, Kasanovas to. The kandar has to reins and I only had pressure in the bridoon. The rein to the curb, I just held in, as I just said, my Kasanova did not really like to work with his back legs... As you may can see that I hold the whip a bit weird. Let me tell you something about Kasanova. He is not the one how think forward and need a bit help. He does not respond to normal helps. The only thing that makes him move is the sound of the whip, not the whip it self... weird horse. Any how so I hold it so I can whip it and make that sound. This is actually better because the whip never touches the horse. And as you can see, the technique works, he moves his legs really good.
Here I found a really good image of the double bridle. (Kandar) It is a bit intimidating and honestly I was a bit freak out when I put it on. But the things to remember is to take it easy and have a good instructor with you the first time. The biggest thing that I noticed is the pressure just by having the kandar on.