Monday, April 21, 2014

Make It Easy! -new video-

As you all know I love making cards with allot of flowers and pearl, he more the better. But I know that not everyone like that, have that or even have time for that so today comes a card that is so easy to make, tops 5 min! (and HERE is the new video, explaining everything...)

Make It Easy with just left over papers and a stamp and just like that you have a really cute and finished card.
 In the back HERE you can see the other card from the same paper-sheet. I made both of this from 1 double sided 12*12.  And I still have a 6*5 piece left...
 So easy and jet so cute, why not try a flower or a cross now when all the confirmations is coming up.
 The paper pad I used have allot of cut-out and I took one for the inside. This you don´t need to do if you have a lighter cardstock as base (or a really good white pen ;) )
So even if you just have 5 min to make a card it still can be really good. The trick is to have a shape the you know and can work with. Give it a try and and I hope you like it :)
Love Julia