Thursday, November 19, 2015

December Daily 2014- flip through

I know I said that Mondays would be "December"-day but I just can´t wait! November is too grey and I just want more of that Christmas spirit! So here are my album from last year:
The album is a 6x8" black chevron burlap from S@np- Simple Stories whit 1 pack of page protectors and 1 pack of "Insta" pocket pages.
 I did this weekly, by Advent and just using pocket pages. I used vintage images from my stash and pinterest. I really like this album but it´s a bit, flat both physically and story wise. 

But I had one, the first I made and I finished it in the days after Christmas. (Thinking maybe do hole of December for this year)

But here are the crappy photos:

Love Julia