Thursday, July 2, 2015

the Fine & Dandy Challange: Marple

I have something really fun going on! It´s a personal challenge (like I need another...) and I love for you to play along. All you need is a 6x6 paper pad that you haven´t used, don´t know how to use or just find challenging. I have been eyeing the Fine & Dandy pad by Dear Lizzy for quit a time, thinking that I
wouldn´t like it, it wasn´t for me and had the "wrong" colors. But I can´t resist a challenge so I got the pad and now three layout later I find it so fun and energetic to work whit!

Here is the first layout, a A4 witch is new for me. I wanted to focus on the photo and layer all of this fun patterns to add interest. Also a thin strip at the top and bottom to frame the layout.
 Mixing collections can be tricky but here with the Fine & Dandy I used tiny word stickers from Confetti by Maggie Holmes and they work so well together. I think that this papers need some extra... humf. And the best way to humf it up is by using black, like this stickers and ink drops.
Another thing that works so well is gold! Here I have my favorite thickers; Sentiment. 
Some times you get ahead of your self and don´t notice that you are making a mistake.  Like gluing done the letters of the title before you´ve checked to see if you have them all...E... And bye the time you come up with a fix...3... you´ve put the ltters in the wrong order... It was a good day
 Any how, moving on, the pretty wood hears are painted with a serious hot pink nail-polish. And also I didn´t mention that the photo is layered first on light pink tissue paper. I have to say that I love using it for the lightness and texture and lightness. Did I say that twice? good.
 This is a very clean and simple layout so I wanted some action in the background, pink and black mist. I truly believe that if you want to work with soft and warm colors without it getting to "soffty-girly-pinki" you have to add something to humf it. Black is a sure card and also metallic, to break the sugar feel.

Love Julia